Dr. Trey Aquadro & Lee Ann Pettit

Dr. Trey Aquadro and Lee Ann Pettit

Dr. Trey Aquadro and Lee Ann Pettit

Touched by Cancer and Making a Difference

“No one is thinking about cancer in their 30s,” says Dr. Trey Aquadro of East Alabama Plastic Surgery and Spa Auburn, referencing a close friend recently diagnosed with breast cancer. “As someone who deals with breast cancer on a daily basis, this was still a devastating revelation.”

Business partner Lee Ann Pettit witnessed cancer as a 9-year-old when her 28-year-old mother died from the disease. “The memory of the 18 months she spent trying to eradicate cancer from her body will never leave me.”

These reasons sparked Pettit and Aquadro’s involvement in the 2013 Wine, Women and Shoes. The fundraiser for the East Alabama Medical Center (EAMC) Foundation Cancer Center Breast Health Fund raised proceeds to sponsor mammograms for women unable to afford the screening, among other benefits.

“As a physician, medical/cancer research is of utmost importance. Whether it is a family member or a friend, everyone knows someone touched by cancer. Research is the pathway to cure,” says Aquadro. “The most enjoyable part of the Wine, Women, and Shoes was seeing several breast cancer survivors partying and enjoying life! Of course, my wife (Amy) loved the shoes, and I enjoyed the delectable wines.”

As a business owner and a registered nurse, Pettit understands the importance of community involvement and how contributions make a difference. “If I can help prevent a child from going through the trauma of losing their mother to breast cancer, it is well worth every penny,” says Pettit.

Both business partners look forward to participating in the 2014 Wine Women & Shoes event.