Donation FAQ

The EAMC Foundation serves as the fundraising arm of the East Alabama Medical Center. EAMC reinvests its profits each year back in to the hospital. A major part of the investment covers the cost of purchasing new technology and replacing worn equipment as well as the cost of indigent care. Profits are narrowing, yet these financial needs continue.

Philanthropic support is a crucial source of funding that helps ensure EAMC's ongoing commitment and ability to provide critical programs and services to meet the community’s growing healthcare needs.

EVERY gift makes a difference. The cumulative effect of many small gifts can be quite significant, helping fund programs throughout the EAMC healthcare system. In this way, the power of your gift is magnified many times over.

You can designate your gift in memory or in honor of a special person by selecting the appropriate box when you access the Ways to Give page, or the contribution form for donations to be made by mail.

Yes. The EAMC Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, and gifts made to the Foundation are deductible on federal tax returns subject to the limits allowed by the Internal Revenue Service (see IRS Code 170). A copy of the letter documenting tax-exempt status is available from the Foundation office. If you make a gift associated with a product, event or service, the Foundation office will provide you with the necessary documentation for tax purposes.