The Ledbetters

The Ledbetters

Stefanie's Story

With three kids between the ages of six and 13 years, a part-time job at EAMC and a demanding exercise regimen, Stefanie Ledbetter is the stereotypical busy soccer mom. So when her doctor determined that a hysterectomy was necessary, he suggested he perform the procedure using EAMC's advanced, new da Vinci robotic-assisted surgery. Not only did Stefanie say “no,” she said… well, let’s just say it was a more forceful way of saying “no.”

“I wasn’t wild about the idea of me being the first person to have a hysterectomy using the new technology,” admits Stefanie. “But my doctor explained the benefits: no abdominal soreness because there is no tearing of the muscle, less time under sedation, and how much less invasive it would be versus an open or laparoscopic surgery. And my recovery time would be shorter. He really wanted to try it and assured me that if he got started and it looked like it wouldn’t work, he could switch to one of the other methods.”

So Stefanie agreed. And she’s glad she did. Facing a recovery time of four to six weeks for an open hysterectomy and two to four weeks with laparoscopic, she was amazed with the results. “I booked two weeks off from work, just in case. I had the procedure on a Tuesday, woke up in recovery and felt fine. I stayed home Wednesday, just because my doctor told me to. Thursday I drove the kids to school and went walking in the neighborhood. I could have gone back to work on Friday, but everybody insisted I wait until Monday. My only discomfort was some minor cramps that went away with a Motrin. It was nothing! Within two weeks, I was back running my 2 1/2 miles and going to Zumba class. It turns out that the da Vinci surgery was minimally invasive on both my body and my lifestyle!”

EAMC is dedicated to providing our community with the latest technology and procedures and is the only hospital in our area with the da Vinci robotic surgery. Your continued support of the EAMC Foundation ensures that you and your family have access to all the benefits of advancing medical technology now and in the years to come.